It’s Our Duty to Care

Le Reflet cares about its customers

As a fashion brand, Le Reflet cares about its customers. The philosophy of our brand evolves and is centered around the clients that we are passionate to serve. We have built a dream from scratch with the deep aspiration to conceive a classy and not classic style that inspire people to feel the stretch of each cloth they purchase at Le Reflet. We do care about the chic look of everyone who comes towards us and more importantly we care about how they feel about themselves. Because what can be considered as just a cloth comes actually with more labels than one could imagine.

The cloth is a symbol of one’s definition. The cloth tells a story about you and how much you value yourself. The cloth has the power to make you gain a seat on the table or not. The cloth, when translated into personal style has opened door to love throughout history. We are not just referring to the fabric that your body exhibits, but the fact that what you wear speaks loudly about your values, your standards, your elegance, and most importantly your self-respect.

You might have heard the adage “You are addressed the way you are dressed”, implying that we live in a world that does reward people’s looks and this is where our passion lies: to design and serve styles that do feel comfortable, allow you to feel good about yourself while certifying you respect from everyone. We care about each color we use, we care about the textures of the materials that we use, we care about the touch and texture of every inch of each fabric we choose and above all we care about how you, our revered customer, feel about yourself when you are wearing a cloth from one of the Le Reflet’s shops.

The drive behind our work is expressed in the same belief that as Africans we are the ones we have been waiting for, even in the Fashion industry. Le Reflet is living its vibrant awakening moment of contributing to that continental richness. We have dreamed for decades to be able to wear clothes that express our African heritage and to be given a platform to share it. Now, that we have it, we have become unstoppable when it comes to ‘Made in Africa’, and Le Reflet has become unstoppable with ‘Made in Burundi, promoting the local economy! And who knows maybe in the few coming years, our collections will be shining on regional, and international runaways, just because we cared about every one of you.

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