LE REFLET – A Reflection of Beauty



LE REFLET, is a proudly Burundian clothing brand, that through its marvelous and trendy collections offers a reflection of our clientele’s beauty. We have joined the entire fashion industry to create a space where every type of beauty is celebrated. Our deepest wish is for every woman, man, or child who chooses our brand to feel that they belong to the amazing community of great people who feel good about themselves just because they are wearing a LE REFLET’s product.

Our sense of ethics and equity for all have been guiding principles for our entire work so that every item produced by our brand leaves a print, an impact not only to our clientele but also to every human being involved in each step of our fashion value chain. We ensure that as we celebrate your beauty, we equally nurture beauty in the hearts of those who dedicate their creative minds to ensure that your satisfaction as clients is guaranteed. We do that by providing equitable remuneration to our employees.

The very essence of our production is to offer clothes and jewelries that have a story, and that are a contribution to a better world for everyone on our team who, behind the scenes, ensures that every single customer smiles with joy just because they have acquired that very cloth that reflects their inner beauty.

Your beauty, your elegance, your swag and your aura are what inspire every design from our collections. With a ‘Made in Burundi’ pattern and spirit, we offer you and your most significant ones a unique opportunity to wear clothes and jewelries that were created and produced with thoughtfulness, care, and of course style.

  It does take more than a cloth for one to look nice, that’s why we believe that the core of our brand success is the value that we transmit to our clients through our collections. LE REFLET displays a soul, not only a Burundian or an African one but the soul of humanity.

We invite you to go on and celebrate your beauty by selecting a product that feels the most esteemed to you just because it reflects how you live and honor the person you are in. We exist to support all of our clients celebrate the beauty they feel inside.


We see the beauty in You

We value the beauty reflection of You

We create for You

We design for You

We adjust for You

We produce for You

 We are here for You

Cherishing the elegance in You

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